Real Property Section

About the Section

The Real Property Section is concerned with the problems inherent in the ownership, devising, mortgaging, liening, using, leasing and other dealings with real property including the following subject matters: estates, uses, trusts and settlements, perpetuities, fixtures, titles, worker's and mechanics liens, leaseholds, mortgages, easements and licenses, planning legislation and restrictions on use, realty taxes, registration and land titles systems, vendor and purchaser, ecological control of land and financing problems on real property security.

Real Property Chair

Ryan Seymour
43 Allen St
Fredericton NB, E3A 4N2
Tel/Tél : (506) 461-5916

Past Chair

Erin Hardy
Stewart McKelvey
Fredericton, NB
Phone: 506-458-1970
Fax: 506-444-8974