Children's Law Section


The Children’s Law Section provides a dedicated voice for children and youth legal issues within the practicing bar, and strives to increase awareness around the practical legal application of children’s rights in a wide variety of areas. The Children’s Law Section addresses issues to aid lawyers in practice to effectively address the complex and unique legal issues facing children and youth. The Section provides a forum to consider practical concerns such as the role of counsel in the legal representation of a child, the capacity and testimony of children, how to ensure the voice of the child is heard, how to determine the best interests of children, and how to increase access to justice for children and youth. The Children’s Law Section works with other CBA sections to advance professional development and contribute to policy discussions impacting children’s rights and their best interests.


Children's Law Chair

Sarah Dennene
548 York Street
PO Box 6000
Fredericton, NB  E3B 5H1
Tel:/Tél : (506) 444-3459

Past Chair

Gavin Kotze
Bureau du défenseur des enfants et de la jeunesse
548, rue York
C. P. 6000, succ. A
Fredericton (N.-B.)  E3B 5H1
Tél. : 506 444-4795
Téléc. : 506 453-5599